About P.A.W.

P.A.W. Capital Partners, L.P. ("P.A.W. Partners") is the managing entity through which we provide investment advisory services. We have approximately $180 million in total capital under management.

Main Strategy

Technology/Healthcare/Retail Focused Equity Hedge Funds
P.A.W. Partners is the General Partner / Investment Manager to multi-investor equity hedge funds, one of which is currently open for new investment.

Fund Description Formed
P.A.W. Small Cap Partners L.P. $127mm Domestic Equity Long Biased Jan 1998
*P.A.W. FAF, L.P. $0mm Domestic Equity Long Biased April 2001

  Other Managed Accounts  $55mm

*The fund was liquidated and closed effective Dec 31st, 2018.